Q. Where do you get your ideas for your books?

I use the experiences in my life for ideas and write about things that
are meaningful to me. If I write a funny book, I have to be rolling on
the floor with laughter about the idea. Most importantly I have to care
a lot about what I am writing.

Q. What materials do you use to draw your pictures?

I usually use pencil. I like the control and variation I can get with
pencil. I like my pencils to be very sharp. An exception was my
book "Kick Block Punch" which was illustrated with photos that were
"painted" both on the computer and by hand.

Q. Where did you study art?

I went to the University of Wisconsin where I made my first
book. I wrote the book, illustrated it, hand set the type, printed it
on an offset press, and bound it by hand.

Q. What is your favorite part of creating books?

The beginning and the end! I love to come up with the ideas,
and I love when I have a finished book in my hands!

Q. Do you make school visits?

Yes! I love to visit schools and show my books to kids in person.
For information about school visits go to JJHaHa@aol.com.